Nieuw Jurk is the Amsterdam-based interdisciplinary brand of Esther Meijer, graduated as a fashion designer from ArtEZ in Arnhem. Since 2009 Meijer is well-known for her conceptual and unique projects, where fashion is practiced in an innovative way and various disciplines meet like film, performance, multimedia and installation art. A Nieuw Jurk-concept is reflected in the choice of disciplines, a collection and it’s print design, presentation and main characters.

Nieuw Jurk is about inclusiveness and fun; a celebration of diversity. But also about awareness of social issues, communication, collaboration and an unconventional perspective on body image. Youth- and street culture are a big inspiration. Meijer uses her art as a tool to emphasize social and cultural phenomena like group culture and bias, social media, the influence of porn on society, stereotyping of subcultures, the future of creative copyright, fan culture and celebrity worship. Nieuw Jurk originates a new norm with underdogs as role models.

Nieuw Jurk’s aesthetic is a hybrid mix of characteristics from different subcultures such as hip hop, rave, punk and cybergoth blended into a self-created subculture. Every aspect is dynamic and collage-like, with cartoonish shapes, contrast and color, loud prints and symbols.

Meijer presented her collections at Amsterdam Fashion Week and at her own events in Amsterdam, Berlin and Taipei. She recently had her first solo exhibition in the Amsterdam Museum presenting a documentary, textile sculpture and installation.